Ordinal Robots: Cosmic Thrill seekers!

Ordinal Robots, igniting cosmic excitement! Unleash the power of intergalactic adventures, high-ocatane laughter, and electrifying experiences. Blast off with us today!

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Our Story

Originally created as helpers by humanity, the Ordinal Robots found themselves abandoned on the planet Zentauron when humans ventured deeper into the universe to discover new worlds. Left behind, the robots united and adopted the name "Ordinal Robots" for themselves.

The year is 2444. Living harmoniously on planet Zentauron, the Ordinal Robots encounter a mysterious space octopus named Octarion. Octarion travels through interplanetary space, exploring diverse life forms and technologies.

Following their meeting with Octarion, the Ordinal Robots and Octarion begin to collaborate for a common goal on Zentauron. Together, they develop new technologies and improve their lives using available resources. As the duo improves their lives, they unravel a magical and thrilling story centered around uncovering the secrets of the universe.

This story recounts the adventures of the Ordinal Robots and Octarion in the universe, weaving a captivating tale of friendship, exploration, and unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos. Spanning from the past to the future, the narrative showcases how the Ordinal Robots and Octarion come together and achieve great things.


Ordinal Robots project aims to provide continuous development and value to our valued community. This roadmap showcases the project's significant milestones and objectives, while striving for flexibility and innovation in the evolving world of Ordinals and crypto

Apr 20:

Collection release, NFT sales, and social media marketing; Initiating discussions for collaborations and partnerships.

May 10:

Upcoming Ordinals platform and merch store launch; Exclusive airdrops for early adopters.

June 5:

Ordinal Robots: Octarion series announcement and Ordinal Radio platform introduction; Collaborations announcement. Creation of a community DAO for decision-making and governance.

July 15

Community events, new NFT projects, and improvements; Hosting a virtual art gallery for Ordinal Robot NFTs. Cross-platform integration, enabling the use of Ordinal Robot NFTs in partner projects.


  • What exactly are Ordinal Robots?

    Ordinal Robots, in a nutshell, are digital masterpieces etched into the Bitcoin blockchain for all eternity. Cool, right?

  • How many Ordinal Robots are out there?

    There's a total of 444 Ordinal Robots up for grabs. Out of these, 44 are set aside for exciting giveaways, events, and team wallets. Don't miss out!

  • When's the mint day?

    April 20th!

  • What's the price for Minting?

    Free! All Ordinal Robots airdropped!

  • What's the range for Inscription numbers?

    Inscription numbers range from 1,047,685 to 1,101,416.

  • What kind of utilities can I expect?

    Get ready for awesome Physical and Digital items, redeemable with your Inscriptions. Trust us, you're going to love it!

  • What's in it for us, the loyal holders?

    By joining the fantastic world of Ordinals enthusiasts, you'll actively participate in shaping future projects, partake in exclusive community giveaways, events, and be rewarded with a revenue split for every collection drop and upcoming ordinals platform revenue! Sounds like a win-win to us!